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“I Awake Today…

December 10th, 2007

It’s December 10th.”

ThOught Industry

My First Blog Post About Harry Potter (with Spoilers!*)

August 1st, 2007

*Spoilers are NOT from any Harry Potter book or movie. I promise. Please – don’t go! Truly! I wouldn’t lie about something like that.

Recently, I was minding my own business, checking in on some blogs I enjoy, when I stumbled on a link to a video on YouTube. Nothing shocking there. These sorts of links litter teh internets. Much of the time I don’t click said links, but this post was so compelling, I had to click it. I had to know. What was The Mysterious Ticking Noise?**

All right. Let me just cut to the chase. This video, if you have not seen it, has wedged itself into my brain, and I feel the sadistic need to pass it on to you, my lovelies. Here’s why: my hypothesis is that it’s just like in The Ring – in order for me to escape the horrible fate that awaits me after having seen the video, I must get someone else to watch it.***

Please, internet friends. Go watch it and save my soul.

You know, if I’m right about the Ring connection, you might ought to organize and maybe take numbers and watch it sequentially instead of all y’all at once. I’m just sayin’.

In the interest of full disclosure, the lovely Anne, author of the compelling post, had this to say about the video:
“That song is like Herpes. Once you get it, you never get rid of it.”

Now if that didn’t compel you to go watch it, nothing will.

**Connection to Harry Potter will become clear upon viewing video.

***Aaaaaarggghh! Spoiler!!!

Happy Independence Day

July 4th, 2007

Husband Guy,
If I could write a song for us, I would. Until that day, I will borrow these words:

“…On the scales of desire your absence weighs
more than someone else’s presence.

“You make me feel uncalm and I think I like it.
[You] make me think of a song that I could not write yet.
Melodies create themselves – I’m just a conduit.
You make my heart accelerate and I’m on to it.

“For you, baby, there’s so much that I will do
to be near the sweetness on you.
Funny everything seems so new
when [I’m] with you.

“On the scales of desire your absence weighs
more than someone else’s presence…”

“Uncalm” by 311

Something’s Troubling Me About a Laurie Berkner Song

November 8th, 2006

For a while now, I’ve wanted to add some book, television, movie, and music reviews to ye olde blog, and I suppose this will be a start to that.

The tot loves, loooooooooves Laurie Berkner. Looo-ooo-ooooves her. From her car seat, she will request driving music, and it usually sounds like this: “I listen Laurie Berkner now?” It’s not really a question, though, so without waiting for an answer, she cheers, “Laurie Berkner! Yay!”

Truthfully, Laurie is okay in my book, too. I do have some bones to pick, but overall, they’re overcome-able. (If that’s even a word.)

Bone #1:
We first discovered Laurie on Jack’s Big Music Show, which we all love, LOVE, in this house. We’re music nuts, what do you want? Those who have seen Laurie on Jack’s and has then listened to one of her cds know that, frankly, her performances on Jack’s are far superior to those on the albums. Sure, the albums are still good, but she’s just a more polished singer now. She projects in these more recent performances, and when she projects, she hits the notes, her voice is more robust, and the result is a song that’s fun to sing and listen to.

Can She Overcome it?
Yes. She needs to re-record and re-release the old songs. I need to find a newer album.

Bone #2:
Dear Laurie,
I’m sorry, but seriously. When are you touring in the midwest? The videos are not enough for my daughter. They are merely placeholders until she can mind-meld with you, assimilating your very essence and your entire songlist, as far as she’s concerned. So hurry. She makes me sing your songs from sun up to sunset and I’m growing hoarse.

Can She Overcome it?
Yes, by getting her butt on a plane and coming to a Great Lake state.

Bone #3:
This one is kind of serious, and it’s been on my mind lately.

We just bought the Victor Vito album, and the last song, “Goodnight,” is becoming a favorite. Though I’ve looked for the songwriting credits, I’m not sure if this is a Laurie Berkner original, but I suspect it is. The tot now wants me to sing it to her when I put her to bed at night and usually first thing in the morning too. I don’t mind. It’s cute and I like that the two albums we have each a closing song to help the transition from “Laurie” to “Laurie all done,” and this is one such song.

The lyrics go something like this:
“I’m a little frog and my daddy loves me,
I’m a little frog and my mommy loves me.
And when they tuck me in to say goodnight,
they say, ‘ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, goodnight!'”
chorus, then repeat verse with another critter – owl, tiger, kid – and its sounds

There is nothing earthshattering here. Except lately I’ve been thinking about how completely typical I am. White. Married. Mom. Middle class. Middle-aged. Straight. There is nothing dangerous about me. I get all the good perks based on things I don’t normally think about on any given day.

But I am not the only kind of person out there. What do gay parents do when they are in a situation like this? Single parents? A child who loves a song by an artist s/he loves wants a parent to sing it, but the lyrics don’t fit. Certainly a child of gay parents or a child of a single parent becomes aware that families take all sorts of different shapes, either because her/his parents address it or because s/he sees the differences firsthand across the extended family. Or, hopefully not, because someone pointed out the difference.

So maybe this child’s parent(s) do what a lot of people do and change the words to fit. I’ve done it. I don’t sing “mommy,” I sing “mama,” but that is a superficial change. What could these words be instead? Parents? A repetition of “Mommy” or of “Daddy”? The addition of “Grandma” or “Grandpa,” “Brother” or “Sister”?

When even the music a child hears everyday uses language that doesn’t fit her/him, it must send a clear message to the child that differences matter, especially when you’re the one who’s different.

Can Laurie Overcome it?
Well, it’s not just Laurie’s job, and most of her songs are not structured in a “Mommy/Daddy” way, so I don’t mean to imply that the source of the dominant culture’s prejudice can be found in Laurie Berkner because that’s not the case. But what I do hope Laurie and other singers at Laurie’s level do is start to consider ways to shape their songs’ language to include other family shapes.

How does she do it? I don’t know exactly and that isn’t where my head is yet. What started this whole entry was me trying to think about singing “Goodnight” with different words to begin to demonstrate to the tot that not all kids sing about Mommies and Daddies.

I have to keep thinking about this.

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