The Texture Of Things


December 28th, 2010

It’s dusty in here, no?

*kicks floor, dust cloud billows*

I’ve been snooping through my archives, looking for posts about foods the tot was eating and when, with the purpose of compiling a list of successes and not-so-successes because we are returning to therapy with our Food Friend after a hiatus of about two years.

Overall, the tot is growing and developing, but some recent stresses in her life (*ahem*school*ahem*) have caused her to pretty much quit eating entirely. She remains petite and skinny, so she doesn’t have an ounce to spare. As such, therapy again.

Tater is a chunk and a happy 2 year old. I feel fortunate to have only one child with eating issues.

I’ll be updating again, and I’ll try to record some of the missing story from the year and a half since I posted last. I’m finding that the archives have served as a valuable record and journal, and my mind — not so much. 😉

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