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Ground Rules

September 13th, 2006

I am a person who likes to know the rules. If we sit down to play euchre, I want to know: Screw the Dealer? Ace No Face? Farmer’s Hand? What rules are we playing by? Another blogger has entries devoted to this, which inspired me to set some ground rules here, too. I hope they work for her. I hope they work for me. Egad, I hope I never need them.

First off, let’s all try to play nicely with one another. In the heat of the moment, I know I can be a “It’s MY ball and I’m going home” or a “It’s YOUR ball, here take it and go home” kind of person, so I acknowledge that I am advising myself first and any who care to join me here second. Sure, it’s my blog, so I get to say what I want, but I also understand that sometimes a conversation has to get ugly before anything good can come from it. That’s not a comfortable place to be, by any stretch, but that’s how it goes.

Second, part of playing nicely is being respectful and courteous. Deliberately hurtful, hateful, or derogatory statements are not wanted here. Treat this space as you would my home and as if you actually cared about what I thought of you. I will return the favor and try to be a good hostess. And if you come in here just to call names or attack others, I will tell you to leave. Trolls are not welcome here at any time.

Third, that said, I also reserve the right to get a little rowdy when I feel like it. Your best bet in any blog situation is to mimic the tone of the entry in your comments or play it safe. You can do it, I know you can.

I’m sure more rules will develop as this space does. I’ll add them then.

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