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Language Barriers, part two

April 22nd, 2007

Continued from before…

It wasn’t until her 2-year well-child check up that the doctor agreed that maybe she was out of the ordinary and that we could use some help, seeing as how little to nothing had changed. (Oh really, doc? Gee thanks.) So he gave me the name of a doctor at the nearby university he’d like me to see. I was so relieved that I left there and just about cried in the van on the way home.

When I got home, though, I faced a problem. Combine my absolute dread of making any phone call, ever, with needing to make this appointment and with not knowing what kind of appointment to ask for. What you will get is a shiny case of anxiety. So I did the only thing I could think of, and no, it wasn’t calling the university doctor’s office. Instead, I called my ped’s office and asked the nurse to look in the tot’s chart and tell me what the doctor had written because I lacked the language to make this other appointment.

The nurse, a lovely woman, complied. She told me it read, “Referred to Dr. ___ for evaluation for texture intolerance.”

And that is what I called the university doctor’s office and asked for. And do you know what? The receptionist had no f*cking clue what I was talking about. I had to rehash the entire conversation I had with the ped so she could figure out how to code the appointment and how to tell me to prepare for it.****

In the end, I canceled that appointment and sought help through my county’s early intervention program, but before I did, I sure as hell googled that term and any other I could dream up. I found a whole lot of nothing, which leads me to this post. I had a goal from day one with this blog that I would put up a post with words and phrases that I used or would have used to find information, with the hope that it might help someone else along the way.

So, here’s some more language. I’ll probably have to amend it periodically. Maybe I’ll do it here or maybe I’ll put up new posts. That much is uncertain as yet.

texture intolerance
texture sensitivity
texture food toddler baby
texture toddler intervene intervention
tactile sensitivity
tactile sensory aversion
tactile hypersensitive hypersensitivity
taste aversion
taste intolerance
mixed texture food
sensory integration
anxiety at trying new food

****BTW, the language I needed that day was (probably) “I want to have my daughter evaluated for hypersensitivity to tactile sensations, particularly her issues with food and taste.”

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