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May 23rd, 2007


**update below

For those of you reading this on Wednesday morning:
Hi. I’m currently being cut open. Ah, good times. Egad, I do love me an IV drip. I hope they remembered to turn the oxygen on. Oh – yup, there it is. Fresh, like air from a giant can. Aaahh. Oh my. Are those stitches? Already? Guess it’s time to go home!

For those of you reading after Wednesday morning:
Hi. I got cut open. Possibly I need more drugs at this moment. Possibly I’m sleeping. Depending on how much after Wednesday morning you are reading, I might be playing beach rugby, but that’s unlikely since I’ve never in my life played rugby anywhere. I don’t even know how it’s played. Anyway, I hope you are well. Hell, I hope I am well. Thanks for stopping by!

And since we’re in the temporal neighborhood of the greatest day of the year, please go see the following LOLCat. I know LOLCats are not everybody’s thing, but remember – you’re doing this as a personal favor to me, and really, I hardly ever ask anyone for presents.

nom nom nom

You have three days to visit that link before it, um, implodes, or something.

**Updated: As of 8:30 p.m., I am not dead. It was all very weird, but in the end, the news is good. Surgery went fast and early, though in any other world, that’d be a bad thing, I think. Now, to find some ice cream and a sofa to crash on.

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  1. KLee says

    Sorry I haven’t stopped by before — this has been a crazy week. Glad to hear that all is well. I know how worried you were about thing whole surgery, and I’m glad to know that it went well, you are home, and that you are not feeling like something scraped off the bottom of a shoe.

    Gentle hugs, and wishes for lots of rest!

    May 25th, 2007 | #

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