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June 7th, 2007

Good news:
It is a beautiful day. It’s a beautiful day for writing a blog post, seeing as how it’s 90 degrees and climbing outside and the tot is at daycare.

Bad news:
This is all the post you get, because…

Good news:
The battery in the handset of our office phone is, when fully charged, good for at least 173 minutes.

Bad news:
I learned this by being on it for 173 minutes with my mother-in-law, talking mostly about nothing when I had planned to be writing a blog post.

Good news:
I feel like writing again.

Bad news:
It has taken this many days following the surgery to get back to a writing place again. The surgery was such a frustrating experience, though in the end, there is no bad news yet. We’ll know more tomorrow – post-op appointment with doc tomorrow, then I’ll come tell a story about bruises.

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  1. KLee says

    Glad to hear that you are more in the mood for writing. Wish you’d pass the blogly love on to me, ’cause I officially got nuthin’.

    Can’t wait to read more, and sorry about your dead phone. I hate that. Both my cordless and my cell are constantly dead because I am a doofus, and forget to plug them in. That would be a key bit of effort on my part, which is sadly lacking.

    Hope all is well with everything in TotLand!

    June 7th, 2007 | #

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