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My To-Do List Runneth Over

June 26th, 2007

It’s not like I haven’t wanted to post – I have. I’ve just been swamped this last month.

In late May, I had my surgery and my birthday.

So far in June, I’ve had the tot’s birthday, the tot’s birthday party, every doctor’s appointment I can possibly schedule before school starts up next week (one for her, like 70 for me), revision of all my course documents from last semester (thanks, new book), finding and purchasing a climber for the tot to help her with gross motor skills, and the sundry daily crap tasks that build up. Plus gardening, trying to get the tot outside to play (easier with the acquisition of said climber), making the phone calls that need to be made so HG can move forward with the crap on our house To Do list, and trying to prepare for a vacation trip next month.

I’m just feeling thunked-out. My brain is summer mush, which could be good on the grill but is not great when you’re counting on it to perform higher functions.

Here is a short list of what I’d like to blog about shortly. Maybe if I commit to it here, I’ll move forward on that, too.

*Challenges of anonymous blogging
*The woodpecker in our garage
*The tot’s Infant-Toddler Development Assessment
*The Sensory testing I’m trying to get scheduled
*A hurtful thing someone said to me (not quite a mommy drive-by, but similar)
*The question: Which is more “natural”? Peeing or breastfeeding? (This is an obtuse tag, but it’ll become clear when I write more about it. For now, what do you want? A post or just more of me pondering posts and not actually updating the blog?)
*Surgery update
*Collection of Spectacles
*My dusty Thinking Blogger award

Okay, that is way more than I can accomplish any time soon. I’d better get to work.

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  1. KLee says

    I know the summer lethargy of which you speak. I worked on a post all about our vacation yesterday, but I could not get up enough energy to finish it. Or to do the mountains of laundry we brought back with us. I did manage to clean most of the crap up off the living room floor, so that is, at least, something.

    All of those topics sound good. I can’t wait to read them! Very sorry to hear about the drive-by wounding. Why are people so cruel? For what it’s worth, I think you’re great, so piss on them.

    June 26th, 2007 | #

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