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December 6th, 2007

I am a hippie about some things. Paper, for instance. My insides absolutely curdle when I watch all the paper, boxboard, and corrugated cardboard that gets thrown out at my sweatshop job. Well, at my teaching job, too, I guess. I’m in a new classroom this semester, one that was made over from a lecture setup to a computer lab, complete with printer but lacking a recycling bin. The thought of all that office paper going in the trash bag is downright nauseating.

I don’t know how this happened – was I brainwashed in school or by my total hippie roommates in college or by the media? Who cares. It’s logical to recycle what I can and to buy recycled goods when possible. The recycling notion certainly didn’t come from my mother, who views the stylish wicker basket that holds the office paper and boxboard in our kitchen until recycling/trash day as a receptacle of filth.

One day, when the tot was old enough for us to consider stepping up the childproofing for a crawling baby, my mother sat at my kitchen table and said the following:
“You know, you can’t keep living like this when you have babies crawling around and getting into everything.”

With the words “like this,” she made a sweeping gesture to indicate our two recycling areas – one high atop a counter, in a cardboard tray, and one the stylish wicker basket below my microwave. To be fair (to me), at the time, the kitchen was fairly clean though it isn’t always.* Still, I knew what she meant. She hates our recycling ways. On other occasions, she has bagged up styrofoam carry out containers and told me she was taking them home so she could throw them away because she knew I wouldn’t do it. I’d recycle it.

Whatever. When do we get to the part where this post is going? Who the hell knows.

Oh. How about here? Is this good?

Cut from the “like this” conversation to four months later when she bought the tot her first coloring books. Then, fast forward to a few weeks ago when I started going through her mighty assortment to remove and recycle the pages that were keeping her from coloring the last remaining blank pages.

Then? Then?

Then enjoy this bit of recycling propaganda I found in that first coloring book, subsidized by the grandma.


Bah ha ha ha ha!

When the tot is older and asks her grandma why she doesn’t recycle, I’ll blame the coloring book.** I mean, it couldn’t be helped that she’d turn into a paper hippie with that kind of propaganda lying around the house, never getting thrown out.

*In fact, right now it’s hovering just this side of Superfund Site only because HG started cleaning today.

**The whole coloring book is dumb. I cannot believe some of the pages. Is this the best material out there these days?


  1. Electronic Goose says

    New reader here … this is too funny. I’m a paper hippie too!

    December 7th, 2007 | #

  2. admin says

    Glad you stopped by! And I’m so glad I’m not alone on the paper thang. 😀

    December 9th, 2007 | #

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