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Reason #1,298,458 I Love My Daughter

April 9th, 2008

“How to Make an English Teacher Proud”

The college I teach at has a Culinary Institute, and the program requires each Culinary student to take one semester of Cafe. In other words, the school has a restaurant – open to the public for lunch, two days a week – and the Culinary suckers students run it. One of the days it happens to be open is a day I teach and a day I take the tot to the on-site childcare center.

A couple of weeks ago, the tot and I found ourselves sitting at a large round table having lunch – me with some gourmet-yummy something-or-other, the tot with her leftovers from her lunch box. A colleague of mine from the English department (C) walked up to say hello. Our paths don’t cross often, so it was a lovely surprise, to say the least.

The conversation was pretty generic. Pleasantries, small talk with preschooler, etc. At one point, C asked the tot how old she is, and the tot answered.

C: Oh wow, you’re getting big! I have a daughter named E who just turned 4.
Tot: Do I know her?
C: No, I don’t think you’ve ever met her. Your mommy met her, I think, when she was a baby.
Tot: When my mommy was a baby?
C (laughing): No, when E was a baby!
C (to me): Well, she gets pronoun confusion! She’ll be an English teacher yet!

OMG, I love this kid – whether or not she teaches English when she grows up.

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