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April 14th, 2008

I’ve been hulking something around with me since late last summer that I felt and feel is largely unbloggable. It is another reason, besides illness, that has kept me from blogging – nearly every time I would have a minute to sit and write, the ideas that were stuck in my head had no place here. So my blogging fell away during those times until I could get the thoughts unstuck through other venues, namely bitching to a friend (hi Steph!) and/or husband.

The primary reason I found it so unbloggable was that I was caught up in the superficial details. I’m past most of those now and finding myself thinking about the larger patterns and lessons I can draw from this experience.

This “experience” is the American Wedding.

As you can guess, it’s not my wedding in the works right now, but the wedding of an old friend of mine. I will not talk about the details of her wedding – that’s not my story to tell; rather, I will focus on what I’m learning about the traditions, the customs, the commercialization, and the general insanity of American weddings.

There may or may not be much to tell. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

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