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June 16th, 2008

That is the number of things that I need to write but do not have the time to write. I have been capital-B Busy and capital-WTSS Working Through Some Stuff lately, but on the whole, all is well.

I am:
still gestating (24 weeks and change today)
still teaching (holy gad, i hate accelerated courses)
still helping my mother (who is recovering from a slip and fall)
still procrastinating the housework (whoever is shocked by this can leave now)
still reading other blogs and sometimes commenting (sometimes)

So, I have been compiling a list of things I want to write, but I know me, and the only way I’ll get started on said things is if I put my intentions in writing.

Things to write (titles are tentative):
Tot’s Feeding and Development Evaluation
Tot’s Well-Child Check Up (a Baby Book Entry)
Tot’s Occupational Therapy (maybe a weekly summary so I can track progress?)
Dos: Pregnancy sucks. And is dumm.
Dos: Guess who’s excited?
Dos: We know what kind of Junk this kid has
Dos: Getting Ready
More Thoughts on the American Wedding: Showers

And who knows. Maybe some of the Dos entries will merge into one, as might the Tot entries.

Okay. I have to go grade papers now, before the semester ends and I’ve done nothing to prepare.

Am… So… Tired…



  1. hedra says

    End of semester sucks. I was only ever a TA, and it still sucked. Grading papers was only fun if I was at a party at the same time.

    Being preggers and grading… nap first. Then … um, eat. And then nap. Wait, forgot the grading… but I’ll need a nap first!

    June 20th, 2008 | #

  2. admin says

    mmmmm…. nap….

    i’ve never tried to grade papers at a party, unless you call what happens in my living room while i’m grading a party. which it is, sometimes, i guess.

    one adult with clipboard in oversized chair? check.
    one 4 year old with 2-7 toys squeezed in beside adult? check.
    tv on a kid show, a little too loud? check.
    skittish cat who loooooooooves paper grading inching way into lap? check.

    good living, i tell ya. better because it’s an oversized chair. better yet when the 4 year old gets out and jumps on the trampoline for a while. 😉

    June 20th, 2008 | #

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