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Remembering and Misremembering
(a Baby Book entry for the Tot)

June 22nd, 2008

We are gutting our house of months and months of filth and years and years of disorganization, and hopefully when we are done, the tot will have her own room and Dos will have a room and those rooms will be clean.

Shut up. A girl can dream.

Along the way to utopia, we decided to buy the tot a new chest of drawers, except we can’t find anything we like that is not made of fiberboard, which I do not (NOT!) want. So, the old dresser needed to go into the new room (yellow) until we can find something and until HG gets Dos’ room painted.

And because I can’t just move a dresser without cleaning and rearranging the drawer contents (Hey – I’m nesting. Back off.), I found a lovely little prize in the back of the sock drawer. It was the page of notes that I put together to take to the doctor for the tot’s 12-months well-child check up.

Seeing as how I don’t really keep a baby book, like, at all, I thought I’d put the info here. As I find more of these gems, I’ll add them as well. Hidden gems, because this is exactly how I kept all my notes about the tot – jot them down, shove the paper somewhere where I won’t lose it.
A ha ha, ha ha, hm.

On this page of notes, I had included a blended list of gross motor, fine motor, and social skills to date; the list of words the tot could say; a layout of her ideal/daily diet; and questions I’m sure I didn’t ask because there are no answers listed.

“cruises, crawls, points, pulls self to standing, wants to climb higher, tantrums, walks with your hands for balance, claps hands, can sit down from standing, stands briefly, has taken steps.”

What’s interesting to me is that I could swear up and down that the tot never crawled until after she walked, and we certainly don’t have any video of her crawling, but I wouldn’t have written that if she didn’t ever do it. Also, tantrums? That’s adorable. She’s four now – whatever I thought when she was putting up her miniature protests at 12 months, I don’t know, but my definition of “tantrum” is seriously different now.

Bal. ([for] Balloon)
Sock ([pronunciation] ~sahz or ~sha)
Baby ([pronunciation] ~bebe)
Shoe ([pronunciation] ~shets or ~sha)
That ([pronunciation] ~dat)
Got it
Did it”

As soon as I saw this list, I remembered two things.
1. Although the list is in no particular order, “Hi” was her first word and “Duck” was her second. For a while, “Duck” meant “Toy” and gradually became just “duck”.
2. When she said “Wow”, she used her whole face. It was a big sound and her face matched the connotation. “WOW.”

“Bfast bottle 6 oz.
Bfast II:
1/2 serving cereal
1/2 jar fruit (incl. iron)
follow-up bottle 4 oz.

1 – 1.5 jars veggies
follow-up bottle 4 oz.

*occasionally a snack 1/2 serv. cereal

1/2 – 1 jar veggie
1/2 – 1 jar fruit (incl. iron)
follow-up bottle 4 oz.

*occasionally a snack 1/2 serv. cereal

Bedtime bottle 6 oz.

**Doesn’t take all the milk I offer in a day”

And I’m sure that, like the milk, the food amounts shown were what I offered – not necessarily what she consumed.

What I want to remember from this is that at 12 months, she was still on iron supplements twice a day, and I thought by 12 months she was down to once a day. I guess that wasn’t until 15 months. The iron supplements were in response to her severe anemia, discovered at her 9-month well-child check up. When they do a CBC, the hemoglobin number should be between either 9 and 11 or 10 and 12 – I can’t remember. The tot’s was 6.4. The specialists said if it had been 6 even or below, they’d have transfused her instead of putting her on oral supplements.

While no parents wish for their child to be sicker than s/he actually is, I do wish that I would have asked them to consider a transfusion anyway. I know, though, that I never would have pressed for a transfusion because it sounded too scary to me at the time. I couldn’t allow myself to think of my wee baby going through something that I imagined would be like the vivisection scenes from The Island of Dr. Moreau.

And, of course, I couldn’t know at the time how trying months and months of delivering and coercing the consumption of supplements that taste like a mouthful of rusty nails would be, nor could I know at the time what potential influence those iron supplements at the same time we were finally getting somewhere with the introduction of solid foods would be. In short, if it happens with Dos, I am determined to research transfusions before just jumping in with oral supplements.


I’m going to leave off the questions, mostly because they are cryptic, but I will add that the other day I was going through baby clothes, and I found the outfit the tot wore on her first birthday. I mis-remembered that as well. Whereas I had thought it was a size 9-12 months outfit, it was not. It was a size 6-9 months, and it was baggy. Size 6-9 months. Thinking about it now, that sounds about right.

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