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A Complaint You Will Never Hear Me Make

April 24th, 2007

tot comes around the corner clawing at her mouth and saying “bluh bluh bluh,” which is what she does when she is unhappy about whatever’s in her mouth.

it must have been the popcorn i gave her.

i am tired of doing what our food friend/therapist wants us to do, which is to mirror the tot’s reaction with full emotion*, so i lightly mocked her. a song was on the stereo and i started singing along with it using “bluh bluh bluh.”

cue outrage and fake crying.

i apathetically offered, “oh, that ‘bluh bluh bluh’ wasn’t singing? that was ‘bluh bluh bluh’ because something’s in your mouth? what was in your mouth?”

more fake crying and then, “it was food! it was food in my mouth in there!”

yes, it must have been horrible.

*this is supposed to validate her and give us a chance to narrate what’s going on, which does two things: 1) brings her attention away from sensation and toward words, thereby bringing her brain out of reptile-brain/panic land and into higher order thinking, and 2) gives us a way to instruct her on what to do, such as “yuck! that was yucky! but you ate it and now it’s gone and you’re okay!” (or, “calm the eff down already!”)

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  1. KLee says

    Some days it’s hard. My child is eleven, and has NO hypersensitivity issues, but will still act like we’re making her eat fecal matter when we present her with corn. I steamed corn on the bob the other night (the first time EVER since she was born that I’ve made corn on the cob!) and she was gagging and threatening to vomit before she even got the corn to her mouth! It was incredible. I told her that she had to eat one bite, and not vomit. She acted like I was forcefeeding her lava.

    I know it has to be hard for you. And the constant validation must be tiring. At least she’s older now, and CAN use words to let you know what’s wrong. It seems to me that it would be scarier with a small baby, and you had no way of knowing WHAT, exactly, was wrong.

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Love to all!

    April 24th, 2007 | #

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