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October 14th, 2012

I won’t call Kage Alan my old friend, but he has been my friend for 20 years. During these short, few years (ahem), he has published many novels, all of them very clever. (No, really. Please go buy one of his books.)

Because he is a writer, he has loads of free time, so it is only natural that he keeps a blog. Earlier this year, he added a feature to his blog called Face of Gay, where guest writers share their stories about being or supporting a LGBT person.

I didn’t consider myself a potential contributor because I am a boring, straight, married woman with a boring, white bread life, so mostly I just read the posts and commented occasionally. But one day not long ago, I was chatting with Kage and I happened to mention a gay student of mine from many years ago. He couldn’t let me get away without sharing my story of course, and honestly, I am happy to share it. Please consider reading it and, if you feel so moved, please consider sharing the series with others whom you feel would enjoy it or benefit from it.

Much love, my friends!

The Face of Gay 13

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