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December 22nd, 2006

The tot has a cold, a nasty, runny nose cold that will probably turn into a sinus infection (like the last one did), conveniently in time for the pediatrician’s office to be closed for the holiday. Merry Christmas, indeed.

I try to be ever on the hunt for the elusive silver lining in life because I am, at/to the core, a pessimist. (Love me or leave me, it’s who I am.) So, today on the silver lining hunt, I can name the following good things about this cold:

*The tot is showing more consistency in the “unprompted cough covering” department. She even sometimes uses the alternate method I prefer – coughing into her elbow. Cool.
*Similarly, when having her nose wiped, she frequently “blows” without being asked. That said, when she “blows,” she still doesn’t blow into the tissue through her nose. She blows a puff of air into the tissue with her mouth. But! Silver Lining! She’s cooperating with us and the behavior is becoming habitual. Not bad for a 2.6 year old.
*She is not freaking out like she used to when snot ran down her face. She has discovered her own ability to wipe it away – with her sleeve. Um, yay? Oh, right, it’s a self-help behavior, increased independence, or something.

*And this last one is my favorite, I think. This morning, she wiped her nose on her jammie sleeve while sitting right next to me and the box of tissues, so I said, “You don’t have to wipe your nose there. I’m right here. I am happy to help you.” So the next time the snot came down, what did she do? She leaned over and dragged her face down my robe for the length of my thigh. When she was done wiping her nose on me, she said, “There. All better.” Yes, dear, all better.

Go You! and your independent approach to problem solving! and your literal interpretation of my requests! It’s like you’re your father’s daughter or something.

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