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Revisiting the WHOYCBE Questionnaire

November 29th, 2006

To the person who got stuck with my name in this drawing: Hey. How are you. If you’re doing what I’ve done at my Spoilee’s blog, you have read through the archive but are not commenting. That’s hard to do, I’m finding. And you – you’re stuck with blog entries only since there’s no conversation going on in the comments, so there’s really a limit to how much you can learn about me. Um, yeah. Sorry about that. That’s kind of the downside of a private weblog, I suppose. No audience. To alleviate my guilt about that, I have updated and amended a large chunk of the WHOYCBE Questionnaire.

My invention
I would still invent the Time-Freezer Machine, but instead of using it for petty, selfish reasons like showering in peace, I’d use it to hold the tot still while I administer fever-reducing meds. I’d dose her and then tilt her back while rubbing her throat to get the meds down. Then I’d rinse her mouth and unfreeze her. She’d never be the wiser that she’s been given medicine and I wouldn’t have to clean up medicine-anxiety-sensitive-gag-reflex-and-taste-buds vomit.

My unlike-me purchase is still clothes-related, but more specifically it’s cute, cheap shoes. My feet have been a mess since I was pregnant, and being overweight is hard on my back, so the truth is I will sacrifice fashion for quality shoes. And I’m not afraid of spending money on them.

My overprotective nature is still hard to rile, but please don’t pick up my cats or my beverage. Once someone else (other than husband – but only because he’s proven he’s trustworthy, mostly) has drunk from my beverage, I’m done with it. Period. End of story. And I hate it when people take food from my plate or hand without asking. Please ask. I will gladly share if you ask first.

As I’ve been trying to secure a holiday dress for the tot, I’ve come to realize that on the whole I prefer darker colors and muted tones. Burgundy or cranberry over red, for instance. Pastels are generally out, but I do often find myself in pink because I’m told I look good in it. Jewel tones are okay. Pretty much any form of blue or green is good, though. The most important thing, though, is that the colors look good together.

Gaggable offenses need to be amended to include all instances of Barney, K-Fed, bad lip-synching or overdubbing (kung fu movies not included), and daytime soap operas.

Phobias include baby dolls that look eerily lifelike.

Willies-inducers should include speaking in public (for some reason teaching doesn’t count) and seeing doctors and dentists.

Textures that are happily approved in this house are generally soft and fuzzy. At Kohls the other day, I discovered a micro-fleece blanket that felt exactly how I hope the clouds in heaven will feel like. Smooth is also good, but when you live in or around the Great Lakes, winter lasts a long time and requires much snuggling in with warm beverages. (Also, my cat sees fleece as his long lost mother and it’s a quick way to get him into my lap for a snooze.)

Apparently, no one should have to watch me eat chocolate chip cookie dough either because it seems I can’t quit once I get started. Of course, I am PMSing right now, so how I can be blamed for eating the last of the break-and-bake cookie dough, I don’t know.

It turns out that although I am a grown up and no longer have to eat things like black olives or almonds, I might actually like them more than I thought. The other day I ate a burrito (mmm, burritos) with black olives and it was nice. I’m still not eating seafood, though.

On the olfactory front, Glade is my new hero. I’ve always liked their holiday apple-cinnamon candle (not the one available all year long – that one is too much apple, not enough spice) and now I found a new smell I like in their scented oil holder. It’s called Glistening Snow, and it smells like a spicy pine tree. Bayberry maybe? I’m not sure, but it smells like Christmas to me and it makes me happy. Also, kudos to Glade on the scented oil thing. Once the pregnancy forgetfulness struck me back in 2004, it never left. I used to love to burn candles, but I don’t think I can be trusted with them anymore. The Glade thing will burn itself out and the holder remains cool. Cool.

Like everyone else, I like holiday music, but not until after Turkey Day. Please. I also like tortilla chips with salsa and a cold beer in the summertime.

Like no one else I know, I prefer mittens to gloves in the wintertime, and my favorite lunch IN THE WORLD is creamy peanut butter and strawberry or raspberry jam on fresh wheat bread with a side of incredibly fresh white corn tortilla chips. I don’t really like potato chips, but I do like the crunch, so I substitute tortilla. HG says I’m weird but I don’t see what’s so odd.

Seriously, what’s so odd about that?

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