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February 1st, 2007

Please report typos, bad or broken links, and other generally not working things to the author of this weblog. Your assistance will be rewarded with, I don’t know, a jaunty wave and a greeting yelled in a bad accent*.

We’re (and by “We’re” I mean “HG is”) working on establishing a hit counter, report thingie for ye olde bloge, and I discovered there were some bad links in some archived entries. I think I’ve fixed them, but who the heck knows at this point if I got them all.

*Accent to be chosen by the proprietor of this weblog. No two accents and/or waves will be identical. Your results may vary.


  1. KLee says

    I read through your entire archive not all that long ago, and I did not discover anything broken. I know that’s not all the much of a help, but at least you know that as of two weeks ago, everything was working just the way you’d intended. And for the stie counter, if you go with BlogRolling, I will say that it’s fairly easy to install, but very wonky at times. By “wonky” I mean that out of all my blogs listed, BlogRolling said that only one of my reads has been updated since mid-December. And, then last week, it stated that EVERYONE updates on the same day, even the sites that hadn’t actually updated. I would just chuck the dratted thing, but I am all over the lazy this week.

    I’m not all that savvy a computer person, but I’m blessed with having married a tech, so I can refer any further questions on to him, should you need anything more concrete than, “did you whack the monitor?”

    April 25th, 2007 | #

  2. amy says

    That is helpful, thanks. I did find a couple that I fixed, but I don’t think I have that much opportunity to break them. Because I generally don’t know how to make links from memory, I copy and paste old, working ones into the text I’m writing and then edit them. It’s simple, but so far it’s working.

    Also, thanks for the offer of tech help. HG is a tech head, and if I ply him with peanut MnMs, I get pretty much anything I want.

    April 25th, 2007 | #

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