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The Winter Holiday is ON!

November 11th, 2006

Today’s the day, the big big day.

The Winter Holiday Of Your Choice Blog Extravaganza giftee names have begun to be assigned. I have received mine, and I can hardly wait. HARDLY.

I will do my best to restrain myself, though. And I will try to post more. The poor sap who gets my name will be in for a harder time, I think, because this blog is so new. Others have at least a year under their belts and in their archives. It is only fair that I make myself a little more visible here, in order to facilitate the Gift Giving Experience.

Some announcements:
Historically, I’ve never participated in those email-forward memes that my cousins always send me, but I will add some here between now and the end of the year. I will categorize all memes during this time under WHOYCBE. I hope it helps.

I will update my Questionnaire, because some new things have occurred to me. I’ll indicate an update with a new entry to draw attention to it.

Meanwhile, Yay! Winter is Coming!

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