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Oh, Heavens

November 6th, 2006

This is glorious.
HG stayed home today because I have a doctor’s appointment late in the day – past our babysitter’s hours – and because he’s trying to use up his time off before the end of the year, when he will lose any unspent days.

But I have papers to grade and laundry to do and I can’t read papers with a toddler under my feet and in my hair. So, what does he suggest?

A road trip.

With my help, he packed up the tot and is taking her to his grandmother’s house to visit. His mother is there as well, and she’s itching to see her only grandbaby.

The tally:
One mama, getting stuff done at home, alone
One daddy, enjoying a day off with his daughter
One gramma, getting to see the tot for the first time in over a month
One great-grandma, seeing the tot for the first time since Easter
One babysitter, not needing to be paid

Oh, this is, like, the Best. Day. Ever.

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