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Oh, For the Love of Gelatin Products that Jiggle

October 31st, 2006

Sometimes, a child will surprise a mother. Today was that day for me.

Today, S. and I had planned on doing two things: playing with Jigglers and finger painting with pudding. Jigglers were a new thing, and this would be our second attempt at pudding painting.

Below is a picture of our first attempt at pudding painting:


What? What’s the matter? Think I uploaded the wrong picture? Think again. See the creamy blob on the far edge of her plate? That’s the pudding. Uh-huh. That’s as close to pudding as she would get a month ago. “Sprinklers,” as she called them, were welcome everywhere. (Note to self: they are a bitch to clean up, but they didn’t stain her jammies.)

Now, normally, S. and I plan a “dangerous” activity and a “safe” one, the latter to help bring down any stress that the first caused, and I had my doubts about today. Jigglers? Puh-leeze. This kid won’t touch bread because it’s too wet. And our pudding goal was supposed to be to face-paint kitty noses for Halloween. I saw nowhere for the anxiety to go but up for this session. Thankfully, I was wrong.

There was no anxiety because we never even got to the face-pudding-painting. The tot made quick work of the Jigglers, stacking, dropping, ker-plopping, and (dear god, will I jinx myself?) licking them. LICKING them. She cut with cookie cutters and tore them with her fingers. She wiped them on her shirt and pants and smooshed one on her foot. I was so deeply in shock that I did not think to get a camera to take pictures.

For most other mothers, this sounds like an average two year-old’s lunch, but I swear, I cannot think of a mess that I am happier to clean up than one like this. Truly. Now I can’t wait to see what happens next week with the pudding.

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