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September 13th, 2006

Though I’m not striving for total anonymity until the end of my days, I am not looking to be found. I have stories to tell, some I don’t feel I can tell anywhere in my real life, and if I am completely known, I know I will not tell them. Not as I want to, anyhow. This blog is not an effort to find a place to talk bad about the people in my life either; I will protect them as best as I can. One way to do that is to use pseudonyms.

You can call me “Amy”, but I go by “Mommy”, “Mama”, and various pet names my husband has for me. I will call him “Husband”, “HG”, or “Husband Guy” for short.

I choose “HG” for two reasons. First, “Husband Guy” reminds me of a superhero moniker, and he is often a hero in this home. Second, and I admit this is tenuous, “HG” also reminds me of H.G. Wells, noted author and dead British guy. Of his work, I have read only The Island of Doctor Moreau and The War of the Worlds, but technology and forward-thinking science kind of remind me of my husband. He is always looking for technology that can enhance our lives, solve our problems, or simply make life more complicated while being very cool. (Helping me with the technology for this blog is one example.)

Also, Wells was married to an Amy. (In the interest of full disclosure, though, Wells was also a socialist, which my husband is not.)

I tried to choose an alternate real-world name for my daughter, something as equally generic as Amy, but I can’t seem to make it stick. It just feels like I’m writing about another child, not her, and that changes the tone I’m writing with. I don’t want that. So, until a name emerges in the story telling, I’ll probably go with one of a hundred pet names I have for her. Tot, Sweet Potato, My Big Girl are likely candidates.

With that out of the way,
Hi! It’s nice to finally meet you!

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